A pathway back to our essential Nature

Art can be defined as two distinct things.

It is an act; a practice, a way of being in the world. Existence is art. What is life if not one continuous act of creation, expression, and reflection? As an artist, creative expression is an intuitive, essential part of communicating myself to the world and connecting to something larger than myself. Just as a bird must sing and a tree must spread branches and grow fruit, so my path is to create art.

Art is also physical, referring to objects to be viewed, held, touched, contemplated, and shared. These artifacts remind us that we, as humans, are a deeply connected part of the natural world we live in; regardless of superficial differences, regardless of time and space. Cave drawings from centuries ago still translate meaning today. A painting can express a novel’s worth of emotional complexity in a single glance. A meal takes on new significance when placed in delicate hand shaped vessels. 

The world is waking up. We are realizing that the way we live, even our small individual acts, cumulatively effect our planet and shape the future we are building. Art can provide powerful everyday reminders that we are part of Nature’s interconnected web. I’m humbled and honored to contribute to this collective awareness through sculpture, sharing this creative force that drives my own vitality, connection, and growth.

From the Flow

I am a song. 

Rising and falling in the sighs of a breeze, 

lingering sweetly in the apricot sky before sunrise,

humming in warm amber rays as the sun kisses ridge tops,


I am a song, 

when crisp air, adorned in morning’s perfume, 

drifts silently through open windows.

gently caressing hot lungs, 

Follow breaths, forget minutes.”

I am a song, 

when nothing seems to stir and yet,

a universe of silent stars swirl an elaborate dance, 

tides of glittering particles

gliding along the currents of an unseen ocean,

“We are the beginning, we are the end.”

I am a song,

a voice to part the sea, 

carving my love into the creases of time

as ripples in the sand,

“Coming and going, but always here."

I am a song, 

of sea foam and tidal waves, 

soothing hot skin on summer afternoons, 

tearing at cliff sides through winter storms. 

“Know your tender heart, and your mighty strength, too.”

I am a song 

when I know I am singing, 

and when my mind, in forgetful certainty,

believes I am something else.  

and if ever I lose my place and the notes fall away, 

‘tis the silence who reminds me how dearly

I do love the sound. 


Lily Haas, 2019